This information is designed to be a resource for athletes and their families as they go through the recruiting process.  The college athlete recruiting process involves the athlete promoting themselves, so it is important to make yourself as knowledgeable as possible about the process.  Please read through and if you have any questions about the recruiting process we will be happy to help you.  All athletes on a 15U or higher team wishing to have the opportunity at earning a scholarship to play at the college level need to start the recruiting process. Plan to get your athlete's website started the summer going in to their Freshman year.  Before you begin, read over all the information here  NCAA Website - Future College Athlete Information.


1.  Determine the schools you have an interest in by your academic interest, location, and corresponding playing level.

  • 20 schools that you would LOVE to attend

  • 20 schools that you have an interest in

  • 20 schools that you would attend

2.  Use the resources below to gather coaches information for these schools.

Make a spreadsheet with school name, information, website, coach's names coach's emails.  It is a good idea to get the assistant coach's and / or recruiter email as well.

3.  Create a Recruiting Page

  • Create a free website (,,

4.  Send an introductory email to your list of schools

  • Include your name, height, position, graduation year, high school, and club.  Be sure to express interest in their school and volleyball program.  Address the coach by name to start the email, include your profile and/or a link to your website.

5.  Make a skills video and/or gather game footage

  • Skills Video can be made by you at a gym.  Schedule some time with a coach to run you through a series of skills and have someone video.  It is a good idea to include a setter if your are a hitter, and vice versa.  DS and Liberos should also include hitters and setters in their video.

6.  Send your Video to those coaches that request it and/or to your list of schools

  • - You can upload the video to your website or to YouTube.


7. When Can a College Coach Talk To You?

  •  Coaches may not talk to prospective athletes until June 1st after their junior year.  After this date if a college coach is interested you should hear from them.  

8. Consistently check in with coaches

  • - Keep emailing them your tournament schedules, accomplishments, interest in their program, maybe that you saw their team play recently and you were impressed by a certain thing that happened. When/ If a school expresses interest, continually check in with them. Building a relationship with the coaches is key to success!


9. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center  and University Athlete (9th Grade)

  • Sample Profile:



  • List of universities and colleges that offer volleyball by division

  • Volleyball Recruiting Companies - These companies can help make your life easier during the recruiting process by offering you the platform to easily create your athlete's profile and to help you get in contact with college coaches.  They do charge a fee for their services.

  • Rich Kern’s List of Colleges with links to volleyball website

  • Rich Kern’s School Information (includes coaches emails)
    Rich Kern’s website is a subscription website

  •’s College Needs List (schools post their position needs by grad year) is a subscription website

  • US News National University Rankings (Academic)

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